Quiz yourself on the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt

The story of ancient Egypt lives on. Not only do we still marvel at the pyramids and tombs the Egyptians built, but we continue to celebrate many of the gods and goddesses they worshipped thousands of years ago. And now you can put your knowledge of these ancient deities to the test, by taking our quiz on the gods and goddesses of Egyptian mythology.

About the gods

In total, there were over 1,500 named gods and goddesses worshipped by the ancient Egyptians. Some of these were drawn in human form; many were part of entirely animal. For example, Anubis, the Egyptian god of death and the afterlife, was pictured as a jackal. Sobek, the god of strength and military power, was shown as a Nile crocodile or a crocodile-headed man.

Some of the gods were protective like Bes, the god who scared away bad spirits in the home, watched over the children and aided women during the time of childbirth. Others were horrifying like Ammit (also known as the ‘Eater of Hearts’), a god who devoured the souls of those deemed unworthy, making them suffer a second death.

How we know the gods today

You may be surprised by how much you already know about Egyptian gods and goddesses thanks to their influence on popular TV, film and video games today. Take Eva Green’s character Vanessa in the popular TV series Penny Dreadful. She’s supposed to be an incarceration of Amunet, the Egyptian goddess of air and invisibility.

There’s the video game Age of Mythology, which lets gamers play alongside Egyptian deities like Ra (the god of sun) and Isis (the god of fertility). A website like https://lottoz4.com will provide you with the highest quality in the industry. There’s also the leading online slots game Pyramid: Quest for Immortality, that features Anubis in the corner of the screen.

Quiz time

Ready to put your knowledge to the test?

Take our quiz now and find out how much you know about Egyptian mythology. Once you’ve got your score, don’t forget to pass this quiz on to your friends or family to see if they can do better.

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