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Craps Systems

Over the years many players have developed Craps systems to help guide players in their Craps betting. These systems are more or less designed to give you an edge at the tables, but as everyone knows, you can never sustain an edge on the casino for long. However, if you get a lucky streak going, these systems can help maximize your profits.The Martingale System of craps betting gives players the opportunity to place bets with a fairly small amount of risk, but a less rewarding payout. The betting pattern always begins with an initial bet of $1 on your choice of pass bet or no-pass bet. If you were to lose this initial $1, then double your bet to $2. Every roll that your bet is lost consecutively, you would double your bet to $4 then $8 and so on. This way when the bettor finally wins, he always makes his net money back along with $1 in profit.

However, this system is flawed due to the fact that if the bettor loses on enough consecutive rolls you could lose your entire bankroll, or reach the house limit before making your net money along with $1 in return. Your net gain is also always maximized at $1, so at no point will you ever gain more in a single roll than $1. With such a small pay off ratio players are not likely to use this system and revert to a more risky betting pattern.

Collect, Press, and Regress

The CPR method of craps betting is based solely on the chance that you will hit your point before the shooter rolls a 7. This system can be very profitable if the shooter serves you well hitting your point consecutively.Begin by placing your bet of lets say $6 on one of the six different point bets allowed; a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. Once the shooter hits your point before shooting a 7 you will be awarded $7, a net profit of $1. After the shooter rolls your number a second time tell the dealer to press your bet, this will tell him to place an additional $6 on the 8 point, making your bet $12, and returning $2 profit to your chip stack.

Then once the shooter rolls your number for the 3rd time before rolling a seven, tell him to regress your bet to its original $6 and you will be paid $14 from your latest bet of $12 along with the $6 he is regressing your bet from. This will add $20 plus the original $2 from the first 2 bets for a total net profit of $22.This system is based entirely on 3 consecutive point rolls before the roller tosses a 7. So if you understand the strategy and feel lucky that the shooter can pay you off, this system can be profitable. However, it is unlikely that you will see three point rolls before seeing Craps, so it is tough to actually execute this method.

Iron Cross

The Iron Cross system consists of placing your bets in this order; place a single bet on the pass line, and double bets on two of the 5,6 and 8 points (which ever is not the coming out point). This strategy will pay out every number except a seven that is rolled. This system is a quick system consisting of action that should be used only by those with an appropriate bankroll. Many systems online are purely opportunities for craps players to try and sell their software for profits by enticing inexperienced players. So before purchasing a system online make sure to review and research the odds of bets, and fully understand the game prior to buying an “expert’s” full-proof craps system.

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