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Online Roulette

Casino roulette is an entertaining casino game which includes a wide number of betting possibilities and outcomes for the player making it a diverse but easy to understand casino gambling game. Casino roulette games have been around for hundreds of years and seem to be one of the most popular games amongst online casino japan players, who play roulette exclusively when gaming inside a casino. In this section you will find a great deal of information on the game of roulette ranging from a simple how to play guide to advanced roulette strategy and betting tips.

How To Play Roulette

The game of roulette involves a minimum of 1 and no maximum of players who place wagers on the roulette table with the hopes of hitting a winning combination. The roulette table consists of a series of numbers ranging from 00 – 36 as well as sectional areas where bets can be made by players. In order to play, players simply need to have chips and select an area to place a bet. The winner is the determined when the dealer spins a ball in a wheel which lands on a number.

The object of playing roulette is to place a winning bet meaning that your number is hit or you have placed a wager in a sectional area that is selected as the winning #.

Roulette Bets Include:

Number Bet – Placing a wager on a single number, hard to win but pays back 35-1 on your bet.

Split Bet – Dividing your wager between two different numbers on the board, pays back 17-1.

Street Bet – Placing a wager on three numbers simultaneously, pays player back 11-1 if hit.

Square Bet – A bet on four different numbers at once on the board, pays back player 8-1.

Five Bet – Betting on five different numbers at one time, pays player back 6-1 if number hit.

Red or Black – Betting on a red or black number, the easiest to win which is why it pays 1-1.

Even or Odd – Betting on an even or odd number coming up, same as red or black pays 1-1.

Low Bet – Betting on the number being being 1-18 that is selected, pays back player 1-1.

High Bet – Betting on the number being between 19-36, pays back the player if hit 1-1.

Dozen Bet – Betting on 1-12, 12-24 or 24-36 as the winning number, pays back the player 2-1.

Column Bet – Betting on one of the three columns of numbers (12 numbers), pays back 2-1.

Once players have laid their bets on the table, the dealer will announce no more bets at which point the wheel with a small ball in it is spun and once the ball has landed in one of the number slots the winner(s) of that spin will be determined. Players are allowed to place bets on the same number and betting combinations as each other provided they are using different color chips or betting units. Once the spin is complete, the dealer will take all non-winning bets off of the table and will then proceed to pay out all of the winner’s of that round before the next game.

Roulette Games

Although there are not as many variations as other svenska casino games, there are still some fun twists on roulette games that should be noted as you will probably come across them in casinos. Below is a summary of popular roulette games including any differences noted between them.

American Roulette – The classic version of the game as described above where players may place any number of bets and the roulette wheel contains numbers from 00 up to 36.

European Roulette – The same as American roulette accept this game only has 0 and not 00.

French Roulette – No 00 on the wheel and players get back 50% of 1-1 bets on dealer 0.

Progressive Roulette – Although rare, progressive roulette games offer an enormous jackpot for players who can successfully hit the same number 5 times in row consecutively.

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