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Duelz mobil casino is a brand new casino in the Norwegian market, and is especially in fact that it is only available on the mobile! Previously, it has been common for online casinos to start with full version sites, so to switch to mobile-adapted pages, but Duelz has chosen another route. Duelz is based on a very special concept, obtained from SuprNation's Voodoo Dreams casino . This casino introduced a duel concept that became so popular that SuprNation decided to make its own casino out of it.

Duelz builds on a new and exciting concept that in many ways reminds us of role playing and strategy games on data. Not only do you play slot machines, you duel simultaneously with other players and can affect these duels by building up extra aids.This type of online casino utilizes what is called gamification - the casino itself is a game - which has become more and more popular. Duelz Mobile has undoubtedly taken gamification to a higher level by putting it even more into focus. Magic forms and treasure chests will be your best friends at Duelz, and you will get four different and exciting duel worlds to explore.

Dansk casino guide players may want to play on the PC, with a larger screen and a better sound system, but for so long, Duelz has only invested in the mobile market. This means that all games work great regardless of whether you play on iOS or Android, and of course all of the other fun features are specifically designed to work on your mobile. It is possible to visit the webpages on PCs as well, but there is no doubt that the pages are dimensioned for mobile monitors.

Since Duelz Mobile Casino is a casino a bit out of the ordinary, bonus schemes are something out of the ordinary. The vast majority of online casinos offer both a welcome bonus and different promotions for active players, but this has enabled Duelz to move away from focus. In fact, you do not receive any welcome bonus at Duelz at all, and instead the focus is on the adventure and the actual gaming experience. Instead of bonuses, you can win benefits every time you duel against an opponent. You have a certain amount of HP (health points) from start and these will sink when the opponent throws spells against you. Fortunately, you can win them back if you win the duel! In such a duel you will also win the prizes from your opponent, so here we actually talk about opportunities to withdraw large amounts in extra prizes. Definitely a bit out of the ordinary, and maybe not something for everyone - but nobody can say that it does not hold the excitement up!

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