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The Basics of Roulette

Roulette, also known as small or little wheels, is one of the most popular games in both land-based and online casinos. Its popularity is so enormous that there is not a single casino that does not offer the game. What really makes it so popular is the fact that it is easy to play. There are no specific strategies that players need to make in order to win the game. Skills are not even required when playing as winning the game is merely based on luck. And even after centuries and years of being around, it remains an exciting and thrilling game for many gambling enthusiasts.

The Evolution of the Game

No one is really quite sure where and when this now-famous new casinos game originated. Many, however, are saying that it started during the Greco-Roman period when the Roman soldiers would spin chariot wheels in order to determine a winner. The wheels featured an arrow that points to any of the ten winning spaces. But instead of using the now-called roulette wheel, they were only spinning their shields. The mechanics of the game are basically the same as that of today. Every time the shield, or the makeshift chariot wheel, stops, wherever the arrow points is declared the winning space. From a simple shield to today’s famous roulette wheel, roulette has indeed evolved tremendously. Nowadays, there are two popular types of roulette that many casino gaming enthusiasts are crazy about: the European and American Roulette.

European Roulette. This game is said to have been introduced in Europe during the 17th century when French mathematician, Blaise Pascal, was so engrossed with his study of perpetually moving devices. It was during his time when the very first form of roulette was invented. It was first played as a form of entertainment in various monasteries in France, but was later moved to casinos. During the early 1840s, Francois and Louis Blanc added “0” to the wheel in order to increase house odds, introducing the game to Germany. However, in the 1860, the game was banned from the country so they decided to introduce the game to various European gambling centers.

American Roulette. Based primarily on French or European roulette, the American roulette is no different, only that there were slight changes made in terms of game mechanics and the wheel. Along with the 0 and 36 numbers on the wheel, American roulette wheel features an additional number, “00”, giving an added edge to the house. Many also say that the very first form of American roulette wheel featured a house slot for the American eagle, the country’s sign of liberty. Another change made is the color of the chips. The European version makes use of chips that are of identical color while the American version makes use of different colors of chips so players can be easily differentiated and recognized.

The Modern Game

From monasteries to large European gambling centers and from state-of-the-art land-based casinos to online gambling sites, roulette has indeed become much more popular than ever. And thanks to the internet, gambling enthusiasts won’t have to go out of their homes just so they can play the game. Various online gambling sites that feature roulette can provide them convenient, comfortable, and exciting and thrilling casino experience

The very first online roulette was introduced in the late 1990s by Gaming Club and InterCasino. It was then that different varieties of the game were also introduced. Aside from the traditional single and double-zero type of games, online players can also try out the multi-ball roulettes wherein players can roll up to three balls on the wheel; the mini-roulettes wherein players can bet on 12 numbers; and the no-zero roulettes wherein a slot for “0” is missing. There are a lot more variations of this casino game and players are sure to get excited and thrilled with every single variant.

Playing the Game

While there are currently two general types of roulette, the mechanics are basically the same. What could be the only difference is that the American wheel, which has additional numbers or house slots, has increased house edge, which is at 5.26%.The game is played like the famous TV show, Wheel of Fortune. Players bet on a numbered slot on the wheel. Once betting is done, the croupier, also called the dealer, spins the wheel in one direction and, at the same time, rolls the ball into the opposite direction. When the ball falls into one of the numbered slots on the wheel, whoever betted on that said numbered slot wins the round.

To start playing the game, players would first need to purchase the chips. They are assigned different colors of chips to prevent disputes and for the dealer to easily recognize who to pay off at the end of each round or spin. Players will then need to make inside or outside bets. When betting inside and outside, they need to bet with the same amount. For instance, if the current minimum bet is at $5, players need to bet $5 on the inside and another $5 on the outside. Winning outside bets are often paid out first, followed by inside bets.

One very important rule of the game is that when the ball and the wheel starts to decay, or when the dealer says “no more bets”, none of the players should bet. Betting after the announcements is called past posting and is considered a form of cheating.Another important thing to remember during game play is to make sure all the chips have been cashed out before leaving the roulette table. The values of the chips throughout the day change and cashing the chips out before leaving is the best thing that players can do to ensure they get the right amount of value for their chips.

Roulette is a very exciting thrilling casino game. And with this game now available online, gambling enthusiasts won’t have to go visit their favorite casino centers as online sites can pretty much deliver the same excitement and thrill that land-based casinos can, sometimes even better.Whether roulette is played in land-based casinos or online gambling sites, it remains important that players have basic understanding of not just the game mechanics but also the rules. This is to ensure they have the best experience in playing, they’re not offending other players, and, of course, they have increased chances of winning the spins.

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