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How to Play Keno

You can play Keno in two different ways, either pre-filled or you can fill yourself. If you choose pre-filled, you will have a choice of three different coupons, for example, either Little Keno for $ 25 where you have 5 rows to 5 kr per piece at different levels, or you can choose Full Keno for 50kr where you have 10 to 5 kr per piece, one on each level and one extra on level 10. The third coupon you can choose is Super Keno, which also costs 50 kr, then you have 10 rows for 5 kr per piece on level 10. If you choose to fill in the coupon yourself, you can choose which level you want to be on your own. You choose how many numbers you want on your coupon. Here you choose from 2 to 10 (9 different levels). The higher the level you choose, the higher the odds will be to win a higher prize. Here you can play up to 10 rows and you choose the prize price, which is between 5 and 100 kroner. Finally, you must select the number of days you want the coupon to apply, it may be from 1 to 14 days. This game is about hitting as many correct numbers as possible.

The win in Keno can be quite high and relies on 3 things: how much the player bet, how many numbers are selected and finally how many of the player's numbers hit the picked winning numbers. That is, the more numbers you play, and the more of these numbers you get right, the greater the prize. For example, if you have only selected 1 number and it is withdrawn as one of the winning numbers, the winnings will be very small. However, if you have chosen 10 numbers where 7 corrects are won, you win a lot more. And if you're lucky enough to win all the right, you win the main win, which is often a big progressive jackpot. This means that if you want a big win you should choose a lot of numbers, but the disadvantage will be that the likelihood of all your numbers being pulled out is smaller.

Keno is a game based on luck where you, as a player, can not do big to influence the outcome. This makes it difficult to have a kind of strategy you can use while playing. However, there are still some players who make use of some popular strategies in the hope of winning. It's about trying to play a number that may not have been pulled out recently or play on numbers in order like 4 and 5. You can also try playing the numbers on a disc from previous games that are not used to. There is no guarantee that these strategies work, but you may want to be aware of which casino you choose, please check which casino has the best payout odds and which does not require you to play for a high minimum amount.

Thanks to the new internet generation, players can now play every possible casino or online gaming game. When choosing a casino to play online, keep in mind that the competition is huge among all online casinos. Everyone competes with each other in order to offer the best bonuses in the hope of enticing new customers. So do not pay attention to the first bonus you see, check out and compare the different casinos so you can benefit from the best deals. The simple rules in Keno apply wherever you play, whether in the couch at home or if you are in a queue somewhere. The first step you must take is to choose an online casino to play in. Once you have selected which Keno variant you want to play, just select the numbers you want by clicking. Then you choose how much you want to bet, it will often be a minimum amount of around 10 kroner. After this, just wait for the numbers to be deducted. All this you can do without lifting yourself from the sofa at home in the living room.

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