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Playing Roulette Online

You should be aware that there are many different forms of roulette, even if it is basically the same thing as you do in all cases choose something to bet on where the ball will land and then see the ball spin, jump around and then hopefully land in the number box you bet on.

Play roulette for free

Speaking of the number slots, there are 37 ones in traditional French / European roulette while there are 38 number slots in American roulette these are the two different large variants that exist more about that in the heading about the different variants that exist in this table game. In the beginning when you stand at a roulette table, if you do not know anything at all about this game of chance, it can feel overwhelming because you see so many different numbers, so many different colors, and play other people already at the table, you probably see too many different kinds of chips here and there on the green playing field. But no danger after reading this article, you will have a close look at how to play the casino game from start to finish.

Roulette rules

To begin with, you must first decide what kind of roulette you want to play French / European or American. You can read more about the difference between these in the next section below this. Once you have decided on a specific table to play at, you should choose your bet. Your possible maximum bet is negatively proportional to how many times your bet you can win. In other words, you can bet much more if you choose to bet on red or black while a single number slot gives you a much smaller maximum bet. Usually, you can bet thousands when you bet on something that has the chance to double your money such as half of all number slots or when you bet on red or black which is the classic many bet on who are beginners in roulette because they have seen this on tv or movie only.

How to play roulette, step by step:

Start by checking if the game round is not already underway, that is has the ball already started to spin or not?

Place your bets according to current betting rules. You will be told and reprimanded at a physical casino if you try to make a mistake while it is impossible to break the rules when you play roulette at an online casino.

Depending on the casino game in question, it maybe you who must activate the ball's spin or it is done within a given time frame, including if it is live roulette.

The ball spins, bounces or dances as some describe it all, and eventually lands in one of the number compartments. According to the current profit table, any winnings are paid out to those who bet on the correct number.

These five steps are the only ones you need to know the basics of playing roulette and of course there may be deviations depending on which table you play at which takes us to an important thing to know the two different variants of roulette that exist.

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